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Our aim is your satisfaction. We do not press you into a certain concept of dental treatment. Instead we offer you a personalized approach based on transparent communication of diagnoses and listening to your needs. We are convinced that the following 8 issues lead to our mutual aim.

Individual optimum

Your dentition is unique. There are many causes which lead to deterioration. Multiple restorative techniques are available. To achieve long-term stability the following factors have to be considered:  General health, medications, financial limits, time restraints for prophylaxis, stress level, time budget for treatment, desired level of masticatory function, good or bad prior experiences with certain procedures and many more. 

Exact complete diagnoses

A vaild treatment plan needs as many data as possible:

  • Xrays
  • periodontal status
  • caries in enamel or dentin or roots
  • physiologic or pathologic occlusal forces
  • saliva quantitiy and buffer capacity
  • effectiveness of individual hygiene procedures
  • prior dental history

Budget management

There are nearly always treatment alternatives in the case of financial constraints. For a qualified decision details of aesthetics, masticatory performance/comfort and long term survival have to be considered.

Specialist referral

Very complicated orthodontic cases and implants needing bone reconstruction are solved in cooperation with specialist.

Hygiene in our surgery

All required or recommended procedures are meticulously performed and monitored.

Coaching your dental hygiene 

"Prophylaxis isn't everything, but everything is nothing without prophylaxis!"
Many people experience new caries or periodontitis despite many minutes cleaning their teeth.

Therefore only constant

  • brush success monitoring using plaque disclosing solutions,
  • interdental cleaning effectiveness monitoring by measuring bleeding on probing and pocket dephts
  • adjustment of professional cleaning intervals
  • reevaluation of the need for adjunctive desinfectant/remineralizing/recolonizing/buffering agents
    lead to the desired effect.

Minimal invasive

New materials/glues and the use of a powerful magnifying glass make it often possible to repair instead of placing a new and bigger restauration.

Continuous care

We do not work in shifts. you will always meet the same persons.


Professional societies

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International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics, Sektion Deutschland, e. V. 

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