Dental  Emergency Service

Basel hotline: tel:+41612611515 will tell you where you find the dentist on duty.
My mobile number is tel:+41797309222. If I could not look after you myself, I can give you an educated guess about what might be the cause of your problems and its prognosis and I could pass on dental history information to the dentist treating you.

Please be aware that I do not call back unknown numbers because of the high frequency of unsolicited advertising call. If I do not answer immediately please send an SMS.

Pediatric Emergencies

In the case of further injuries directly contact the children's hospital "UKBB Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel "

What to do in the case of a avulsed tooth?

  • find tooth or fragments
  • humid and cool storage is essential, sterile surrounding preferable; new data show using cling film for max 4 hours works very good
  • start treatment immediately

Cling film is clinically proven, cheap and widely available

Specialized conainers can be bought in pharmacies and should be available at public swimming pools.


Maxillofacial emergencies

In the case of

  • fever
  • massive bleeding
  • mouth can not be closed or opened
  • further facial injuries

often not dental but maxillofacial treatment is necessary. You find this at Basel Hopspital phone tel:+41612652525. If you are not sure the very competent personal at Basel medizinischen Notfallzentrale phone tel:+41612611515 also can advise wether this is advisable.