US scientific background about dental amalgam:

Swiss assessment:

Isn't silver amalgam obsolete today? Not at all, in my opinion. Sure, there are drawbacks:

  • mercury enters the body. The amount was measured around the world multiple times with the same results. Smoking or a Japanese diet with lots of fish leed to higher levels.
  • The color does not match the tooth.

But in the following situations either a much more expensive treatment (a crown) or a much earlier retreatment (composite ) would be the alternatives:

  • cavities with subgingival extension
  • restoration of cusps necessary
  • proven short composite lifetime because of excessive occlusal wear
  • proven failure of dental glues because of genetically/environmentally altered enamel or dentine

TMJ disorder

In case of head or neck discomfort very often TMJ disorder caused by unconscious nightly gnawing is at least a part of the problem. Often only when a lot medical checks or treatments failed this is considered.

Disability aids 

Not only for rheumatic patients, but often time savers:


General medicine

To update your general medical knowledge: or

Caries treatment without dental drill???

YES! Not in the case of common caries in the dentine, but in early stages limited to the enamel: