last updated: May 2021

Mai 2021

Report of online congress attendance

Myofunctional analysis is the basis of/to

- sucessfull treatment of many headaches and TMJ-pain
- stop premature loss of tooth substance

- stop premature breakdown of restorations

- reach orthodontic results not only by estetic but also functional criteria

- prevent or treat problems in all parts of the musculoskeletal system

It was also shown in which cases of sleep apnea bite registration after myofunctional analysis alone or with orthodontic widening of the maxilla can free people of continuous positive airway pressure machines.

Myofunctional analysis revealed quantitatively the massive deterioration of muscular stability of the whole body when vision is impaired.

April 2020
New electric toothbrush:
The important pointed mini-brush (not available on other sonic products and brands) is not only available but already included.

September 2020
New recommendation on the use of toothpaste for children:

August 2020
Do you use Phillips Airfloss?

Even if it has a very small resevoir it needs cleaning. Buy some denture cleaner. Put a small amount in the tank. Put the tip into a cup filled with cleaner. Should visible dirt be still there use tweezers and household paper to clean the nooks in the tank. Afterwards rinse the machine two times with fresh water.
Please note: This machine is no perfect substitute for dental floss or interdental brushes, but a valuable adjunct.


invisible braces

We do it since many years. For all age groups and not only for estetics but also to counter malfunction or prevent hygiene problems in the long run.



Avulsed teeth: cling film is clinically proven good for transport to the next dentist


Congress participation:

2nd tnternationale symposium gerodontology Bern


Many up to date oral health informations at German, French and Italian languge versions are online.



tooth knocked out of the socket? Newest data show that cling film is a very good conservation during the journey to dental treatment.

Intraoral scan instead of impressions established as routine procedure.

Example of this technique:

Course attended in May worldsymposium 2017


Finally! Helpfull oral bacteria are on sale now: http://us-
The prospect of reduction of caries and gingivits with no side effects at all at a reasonable price? Too good to be true? Not at all! In swiss pharmacies the name is slightly different: "BiGaia":